Mr Devereux has just returned from visiting our partner school in

Uganda, this is his report.

I had a wonderful welcome at Erisa Primary School in Mbale. The

school has about 700 children and is on 2 sites with about a quarter of a

mile walk between them. On my first day I visited all of the classes, they

have a lot more children in some of their classes than we do. The children

sang and danced their welcomes, everyone was very friendly. Later I

visited all of the Junior classes to observe their lessons and speak to the teachers.

I even learned a traditional Ugandan folk song.

 I took with me some footballs, rugby balls and football shirts as  gifts from

 Trerobart. The next day I spoke to the Junior children during an outdoor

assembly. I told them a little bit about Wales  and thanked them for their welcome.

I then taught the children, a class at a time, some rugby skills and ended

each session with a small game. There were 72 children in my first group. It

was very hot. This time of year should be the rainy season in that part of

Uganda but the rain hasn't arrived yet.

 While I was at the school I told the children more about Wales and

 compared it to what I had experienced in Uganda. Mbale is in a mountainous

region.There are may different types of crops and plants most people grow

their own food.

I took a small guitar with me and taught the children some phrases in Welsh

and some songs. I left the guitar in Erisa with some instructions. I also

spent some time teaching the Deputy Headteacher how to play.

One morning the children were taking part in Sports activities on the

community playing fields. A game of football had been arranged for the

older children. They played in the shirts I had taken out and kit that had

been bought with funds we had previously sent.  Other children were

playing games with the footballs and rugby balls I had taken. One boy

caught me off guard by asking me "Sut wyt ti" ?

I had a very interesting time in Uganda and learned lots of new things.

While there we visited a village community and learned about how they are

trying to support themselves.We attended a church service on Sunday and

witnessed a wedding (lots of singing and dancing).

We are now looking forward to the visit of the Headteacher from

Erisa later on this month.